«Phibro Animal Health Corporation» (USA) – is an innovative world class company in the area of animals’ health protection that focuses efforts on productivity improvement and disease prevention in poultry breeding.

«Phibro Vaccines» (Israel) – is one of the directions of «Phibro Animal Health Corporation». The company is engaged in veterinary immunobiological preparations production against viral and bacterial diseases of poultry.

«Bioveta a.s.» (The Czech Republic) – is a manufacturer of veterinary, immunobiological and pharmaceutical preparations. The company’s products are presented in 84 countries in the world with an assortment of more than 200 preparations. Owing to huge investments in new production capacities, «Bioveta, a.s.» corresponds to the basic standards of the European manufacturer of veterinary preparations.

«Huvepharma®» (Bulgaria) – is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development, production and marketing of preparations for human and animal health.

“Biotech” LLC (Russia) – is a research and production company that produces high-tech, genetically engineered products.