Evrovet – is one of the leading companies in the field of veterinary medicine in the country. It deals with the high quality biological and chemical-pharmaceutical veterinary preparations supply and sale from the international manufacturers. Our mission is to meet the highest standards!

Our mission is – compliance with the best standards!

The exclusive representative in Ukraine: «Phibro Animal Health Corporation®» (USA)«Phibro Vaccines®» (Israel), «Bioveta a.s.» (Czech Republic)«Huvepharma EOOD» (Bulgaria).

The products are registered in Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of the “Law on veterinary medicine”, regular quality control of preparations is carried out. Products storage meets all requirements of the legislation on veterinary of Ukraine. The products are delivered directly from the manufacturer accredited under the European GMP and ISO standards. This guarantees high quality of the products, reliability and competitive prices on the veterinary market.



years in the market

Exclusive contracts of the leading innovative world companies!
Direct deliveries from abroad and quality control of products!
20 years in the market
A unique product in the original package!